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Augusta Pain Center AikenWith the summer season here and in full swing, Augusta Pain Center prepares for their grand opening of their new location in Aiken, South Carolina. Augusta Pain Center expects to unveil their Aiken location within the next month as it is still in the build-out process. 

Augusta Pain Center plans to open a new location in Aiken, South Carolina to better serve patients within the Aiken community.                 

At Augusta Pain Center, we recognized a need in the Aiken area for multidisciplinary interventional pain management and state-of-the-art, non-invasive procedure options that we offer to our patients at Augusta Pain Center.

Aiken residents will now have more convenient access to unmatched interventional pain management in their community. Our two board-certified physicians at Augusta Pain Center have over a combined 60 years of experience and are all among the top in their respective medical fields.

At Augusta Pain Center, we wanted to give the Aiken community access to a premiere, experienced and dedicated group of physicians and staff who care about the health and well-being of each patient who comes through the doors. At the Augusta Pain Center Aiken location, new patients’ evaluations will include a physical examination and medical history in correlation with physiologic and radiologic studies.

The Epicenter, the main Augusta Pain Center facility located in Augusta, is a state-of-the-art facility featuring a Joint Commission-accredited surgery center where fluoroscopic-guided interventional procedures are performed. The Augusta location also has a center for aquatic therapy that is delivered by a staff of accredited aquatic therapists. At Augusta Pain Center, we expect the Aiken location to complement The Epicenter and provide top of the line health services to the Augusta, Aiken and surrounding communities.

We have a large number of patients who are willing to travel across the Savannah River to our Augusta location to receive treatment. At Augusta Pain Center, we focused on how we could best serve our patients and surrounding community to our full potential. We plan to open a new Augusta Pain Center location in Aiken, South Carolina so that we can offer new patients in Aiken a convenient location to consult with a physician.

Where can Aiken patients find the new Augusta Pain Center?

The new Augusta Pain Center office is located in the beautiful Village at Woodside in Aiken, South Carolina. The Village at Woodside is already home to several top-notch healthcare practices and choosing this site as the new home for Augusta Pain Center was almost effortless.

What can I expect differently from the Augusta Pain Center locations in Augusta & AIken?

Currently, the Aiken location for Augusta Pain Center is smaller than the Augusta office. However, once we open and see a need for expansion in either size, staff, services or hours of operation, we are prepared to grow and adapt as needed to accommodate and serve the Aiken community.

Why choose Augusta Pain Center?

The Augusta Pain Center is an Augusta area leader in pain management offering a variety of state-of-the-art services designed to help patients find relief from chronic pain. Augusta Pain Center is staffed by experienced interventional pain management physicians with more than 60 years of experience helping patients find relief from chronic pain such as back and neck pain.

The Augusta Pain Center is staffed by a team of experienced Interventional Pain Management Physicians led by Richard S. Epter, M.D., Medical Director, who has more than 30 years of experience helping patients find relief from chronic pain such as back pain, neck pain and pain after spine surgery. In July 2019, Marshall D. Bedder, M.D. joined Augusta Pain Center, bringing decades of knowledge and experience to the CSRA. Dr. Epter and Dr. Bedder are joined by William S. Schiff, PsyD. whose experience in Behavioral Health Management has served chronic pain patients in the Augusta area for over 10 years. At the Augusta Pain Center, extra emphasis is placed on identifying the underlying cause of a patient’s pain.

Augusta Pain Center utilizes several treatment plans that involve the use of multiple pain relief modalities. Several of these modalities are not offered anywhere else in the CSRA. This comprehensive approach provides patients with the optimal outcome of achieving pain relief and regaining function. At Augusta Pain Center, we are focused on bringing you a comprehensive treatment plan that fits you and allows you to live a pain-free life.